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Do you travel to your clients?

Traveling is a huge part of the job. I am always willing to travel to you to make your day even easier. A travel fee will be associated with all appointments and be based off of mileage (from Long Beach, CA) and time spent in traffic. 


Do you provide hair services as well? 

Unfortunately, no. Makeup is the only service I provide. Please check out my Vendor list here for hairstylists that I love & highly recommend!


How should I prepare for my makeup appointment for the Bridal Preview or day of my event?

Please come with a freshly washed face + your normal moisturizing routine, minus the spf. I will be sure to moisturize your face as well with the best products. 


Are Bridal Previews required?

Bridal Previews are NOT required, but they are recommended! A Bridal Preview will help bring your wedding vision to life. During our Bridal Preview, we will discuss skin preparation, how to take care of your skin leading up to the wedding, and you can also provide me with feedback as to how your makeup wears throughout the day! This way, we can make notes for the wedding day on what works and what doesn't.


How do I book & secure my date? 

Fill out my Contact Form here & I will get back to you asap confirming my availability. If you would like to move forward and secure your date, a signed contract + 25% deposit is required. 


When should I book a Bridal Preview? 

I typically recommend a Bridal Preview about 3 months prior to your wedding. That way we know what worked and what didn't and will have plenty of time to re-adjust if needed! 

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